Chinese Wine Market: A Great Opportunity with High Walls to Overcome

China is in the mind of many Spanish wineries: it is at the same time an Eldorado, a market where any forecast seems useless, since anything can happen and initial estimates can quickly be out-of-date and a market so culturally distant from Spain that it is often difficult for a Spanish producer to know exactly how to enter this promising market.

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2015-01-12 17:49:00


With record totals and jaw-dropping prices achieved at auctions, the fine wine market was apparently in rude health in 2011. But the secondary market away from the auction rooms of Kowloon told a different story.

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2015-01-12 17:44:00


After the global economic downturn of 2009, 2010 was a year that saw fine wine prices continue to rise against a still-turbulent economic background.

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2015-01-12 17:36:00

Stars and their Wines

American winemaker, Tony Ciccone would seem to be short of advantages. When we think of American wines, we usually think of California, home to 98% of all American wine production. But Mr Ciccone has one advantage no one else has. His daughter, Madonna Ciccone is one of the world’s best known entertainers.

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2015-01-12 17:31:00

Riesling: A Stunning White Wine to Drink When it’s a Few Years Old

Riesling is considered as one of the most food-friendly wines in the world. That might surprise many people who are accustomed to drinking hearty red wines with main courses at dinner, because Riesling is a white wine.

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2015-01-12 17:26:00