The Wine Forger’s Handbook: A Brief History of Wine Forgery ( CHAPTER ONE)

The astronomical increase in value of both fine art and fine wine, even in times of economic recession, prompts investors and entrepreneurs, legitimate and illicit alike. The surge in demand for fine wine over the last decade, particularly in Asia, has motivated fraudsters.

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2015-12-24 11:02:00

Oak in the Bottle: A Complex and Fascinating Story

The use of oak in wineries is a vast and never ending topic. In order to tackle it, three different cases will be analyzed: that of an inexpensive blended red wine, that of a premium quality white Burgundy and finally that of a chateau bottled Bordeaux.

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2015-12-10 14:55:00

Montsant: a hidden gem in the Spanish vineyard

Montsant is a young DO still to be discovered. It offers an incredible potential at a fraction of the price compared to its better-known neighbor Priorat. It is a place where exciting, unique wines are made, full of vibrancy and energy.

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2015-11-17 11:59:41

The Next Big Thing, Vermentino

It is somehow fitting that the Decanter World Wine Awards should be held at Tobacco Dock in the East End of London. From the outside Tobacco Dock looks like a women’s prison. According to its website the massive building was constructed ‘in the early 19th Century as a secure bonded warehouse for the receipt and storage of tobacco from the New World. Tobacco Dock was designed to offer complete security for precious and highly desirable goods.’ Refurbished two years ago as an event venue, Tobacco Dock is ideal for wine tasting, full of natural light from the glass ceilings. And what is more highly desirable than wines of quality!

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2015-11-17 11:14:00

Decanter World Wine Awards

I’ve been the Regional Chair for Canada at the DWWA for several years now and have seen it outgrow its first home – a photographic studio complex called The Worx in Parson’s Green, south west London. The 2014 competition received over 15,000 entries making it the largest wine judging in the world.

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2015-11-17 11:08:00