【Good News】《酒典》帮助意大利Barone di Villagrande酒庄找到中国进口商 Fine Wine and Liquor Helps Italy Barone di Villagrande Find an Importer in China

作者: Fine Wine and Liquor        来源: 《酒典》www.winemagcn.com|原创作品 谢绝转载


At the end of 2017, an importer asked Fine Wine and Liquor to introduce some Etna wineries for him to visit and taste wine, after he read a report about Sicily, Italy on Fine Wine and Liquor magazine. So Fine Wine and Liquor recommended several Etna wineries for him.


2018年Vinitaly展会前后,该名进口商前往Etna产区的几家酒庄参观品酒,最后选购了Barone di Villagrande酒庄的部分酒款。

Around Vinitaly in 2018, the importer visited the Etna wineries and finally imports several wines from Barone di Villagrande winery.


该名进口商是阅读了这篇关于意大利西西里的文章后想去Etna酒区参观品酒的 It is this article about Sicily, Italy that made the importer want to visit Etna:http://www.winemagcn.com/sicilia-en-primeur-2017-042.html 


《酒典》记者于2015年也参观过Barone di Villagrande酒庄,写有报道 Journalist in Fine Wine and Liquor visited Barone di Villagrande in 2015 and wrote this report:http://www.winemagcn.com/eastern-sicily-2015.html