CFDF or ProWein, Which Fair I Should Attend?

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In March, while everybody in Europe rushes to ProWein, everybody in China rushes to CFDF. What is CFDF? It is called China Food & Drinks Fair, the largest and oldest trade fair in China since 1955.

A producer in Europe told journalist in Fine Wine and Liquor:” It is said that CFDF is a big fair. Many of us want to attend; however, it is almost the same time as ProWein, so we give up CFDF, but actually we want to try it very much. Could you please advise CFDF to change the date?”

Of course the answer is NO for apparent reasons. It is the largest and oldest food & drinks fair in China, since 1955, 6 years after the new China was set up. How could it change its date just because it is almost the same time as ProWein? Unless there are some political or very important reasons.  ProWein? CFDF won’t consider it as a competitor and choose different date to attract more exhibitors, buyers and visitors, like what some fairs do. CFDF doesn't need to. Of course ProWein won't change its dates just because some producers also want to attend CFDF in China! 

CFDF is twice every year: Spring Fair is hold in Chengdu city and Autumn Fair may be in different cities.

Spring Fair attracts nearly half of million visitors from all around China, and most of them are importers and distributers in food and alcoholic beverages industry. It is also open to the local public too. 

An interesting thing of CFDF is that it always includes two parts: normal fair in the exhibition center (Exhibition Center, March) and pre-fairs in big hotels like Kempinski (Hotel Show, 3-7 days before). It has become a party every year for you to meet other importers and distributors from all over China.

CFDF may be noisy, not clean, and out of order. Local public may buy products and their buying ability is amazing. You could use a Chinese phrase to describe the people scenery you see: 人山人海, which is translated directly as People () Mountains () & People () Seas (), meaning many people, so many, that they could become mountains and seas.  In a word, you may meet the biggest number of visitors in China.

Big beverages or food companies would like to held yearly new products release events in the spring fair. During 2018 Chengdu Spring Fair, a big online wine importing company whose import volume exceeded 10 million liters in 2017 just organized their new product release event for more than 1000 distributers (And Fine Wine and Liquor helped the company design and publish their enterprise special journal for their product release and their other clients). There are lots of events during the fair. Everybody is so happy!

So… ProWein or CFDF? It is such a difficult choice.


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