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托尼·阿斯普勒, 自 1964 年起就活跃在国际酒界舞台,1975 年 起撰写葡萄酒专栏,连续 21 年为加拿大发行量最大的报纸之一《多伦 多星报》葡萄酒专栏撰写文章,著有 16 本葡萄酒及美食类书籍。2007 年获得加拿大勋章,2012 年入选纽约媒体类葡萄酒作家名人堂。Grapes for Humanity 慈善基金会共同创立人

Decanter Wine Competition

For the past twelve years, I have been flying to London on the last week in April to participate in the world’s largest wine competition. The Brits seem to have cornered the market on vast international wine contests. England mounts the International Wine and Spirit, established in 1969; the International Wine Challenge, founded in 1984; and then there’s the biggest of them all – the Decanter World Wine Awards, a relative newbie that burst onto the scene in 2004.

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2017-12-28 11:17:35


过去的12年,每到四月最后一周,我都要飞往伦敦参加世界最大的葡萄酒大赛。 英国佬们似乎垄断了巨大的国际葡萄酒大赛市场。英格兰分别举办了创立于1969年的国际葡萄酒与烈酒大赛(International Wine and Spirit)、1984年创办的国际葡萄酒挑战赛(International Wine Challenge),又举办了所有赛事中规模最大的一个—— 品醇客世界葡萄酒大奖赛(Decanter World Wine Awards),这是在2004年惊艳亮相的一个相对年轻的赛事。

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2017-12-28 11:06:00

Thomas Jefferson and Virginian wine

Of all American Presidents, the one who knew wine best and cared about it most was Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson acquired his knowledge during his time as the US ambassador to France between 1784 and 1794. During his tour of duty, he travelled extensively through the wine regions of France and beyond to those of Germany and Italy. According to James Gabler in his book, ‘Passions: The Wines and Travels of Thomas Jefferson’, in the garden of his Paris residence on the Champs-Elysées, Jefferson experimented with grape growing. He planted vine cuttings acquired from such famous vineyards as Montrachet, Chambertin, Clos de Vougeot, Hochheim and Rudesheim.

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2017-12-19 18:42:49

美国弗吉尼亚葡萄酒和托马斯•杰斐逊 Thomas Jefferson and Virginian wine

在美国的所有总统当中,最懂葡萄酒也最关心葡萄酒的莫过于托马斯·杰斐逊。 1784年至1794年间杰斐逊总统在法国担任美国大使,期间获取了大量的葡萄酒知识。在任期内,他走访了法国许多葡萄酒产区,更远至德国和意大利的酒区。 詹姆斯·加布勒(James Gabler)一本名为《激情:托马斯·杰斐逊的葡萄酒与旅行》(Passions: The Wines and Travels of Thomas Jefferson)的书中提到,在法国巴黎香榭丽大道的杰斐逊住所,杰斐逊试栽种了一些葡萄苗,这些苗木是从一些非常知名的葡萄园中截枝回来,包括勃艮第的名园蒙哈榭(Montrachet)、香贝丹(Chambertin)、伏旧园(Clos de Vougeot)和德国的霍克海姆(Hochheim)及吕德斯海姆(Rudesheim)。

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2017-12-19 18:39:00


Appassimento and ripasso are two euphonious terms that are now firmly established in the wine lover’s lexicon. They refer to methods - one ancient and one modern – for concentrating and augmenting a wine’s flavour. While the words are Italian, coined in the Veneto region, the concept of appassimento was first practiced by the Greeks and then by the Romans who would leave grape bunches to hang on the vine to allow them to desiccate, thereby concentrating their sugars.

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2017-12-19 15:24:00