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Diego Bonnel, 为多家酿酒厂担当葡萄酒顾问,在数个 国家的官方机构任职,超过 25 年。每年品尝数千款酒,特 别了解(以西班牙和葡萄牙为主的)伊比利亚半岛和法国 的葡萄酒。

Ageing Potential of Wines: The Mystery Revealed

Some wines can be enjoyed immediately upon release, while others need to be waited for a long time before they can be enjoyed. What makes that certain bottles evolve differently than others? What are the structural elements of the wine that do explain the ageing potential of a wine? Depending on the kind of wine - be it white, red, sparkling or fortified - the answers to the ageing potential of a wine will be different and closely linked to the way the winemaker will vinify.

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2019-04-30 13:49:00

谜团揭晓:葡萄酒的陈年之谜 Ageing Potential of Wines: The Mystery Revealed


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2019-04-30 12:07:00

Are the available styles of wine fitting the new consumer demographics?

When having a close look at what is available on the different markets, one might think that every single wine style is available to any consumer profile at any price point. However, when having a closer look at what on the different markets, the answer is not that obvious. Generation X - replacing baby boomers - are increasingly being taken into account along with Millenials as the main wine consumer categories. In order to have a far-reaching approach to availability of wine styles, style has to be considered in a broad manner, including not only wine styles (white, red, sparkling, fortified, sweet) but also wine categories such healthy wines (low or no SO2, low or no alcohol wines), premium and luxury wines and regional wines. Availability will be considered as both physical presence of a wine and affordability by new consumers. Economic, social, health, cultural, sustainability and legal issues do have an influence on the availability of wine to the new consumer demographics.

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2019-01-08 16:13:00

现有的葡萄酒种类适合新的消费群体吗? Are the available styles of wine fitting the new consumer demographics?


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2019-01-08 10:47:00

A Changing Global Wine Scene, Where Globalization, Social Media and Chinese Market are Shaping New Relations

Steady changes in the global wine production and consumption, along with the deep impact of globalization in the wine industry are reshaping the way the industry behaves and the relation it has with clients and customers alike. In this process, China is getting an increased attention from producers and drinkers and setting the basis to be an essential player in the future--- Global wine trends: a review in figures; Globalization: a curse or a true opportunity for the wine industry?; In this changing global market, China has an increasingly important role to play...

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2018-09-01 11:41:00