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Diego Bonnel, 为多家酿酒厂担当葡萄酒顾问,在数个 国家的官方机构任职,超过 25 年。每年品尝数千款酒,特 别了解(以西班牙和葡萄牙为主的)伊比利亚半岛和法国 的葡萄酒。

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2019-09-18 15:35:00

Terroir as a Key Argument to Attract Customers

Terroir is a word that many wineries in the industry are using to convince the consumer to buy their wines. It is a compelling argument linked to authenticity, craftmanship and high-quality wines. However, the terroir concept is not adapted to all kinds of wines as will be seen below. A premium wine is a wine sold between above 12 GBP RRP. Terroir is a special character given by the vineyard and its environment to the wines. It is a distinctive taste deriving from growing conditions. Through a SWOT grid (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats), this essay will analyze the situations where terroir should be used to position and market a premium wine and which situations should use other arguments, such as brand or production philosophy depending on the aim of the producer.

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2019-09-15 16:45:00

风土作为吸引客户的营销点 Terroir as a Key Argument to Attract Customers

风土是葡萄酒行业里卖家用来诱惑客户购买他们的葡萄酒的词语。它常常与本土的真实性、精工细酿、高品质葡萄酒相关联,是非常扣人心弦的营销点。然而,风土这个概念并非适用于所有的葡萄酒。 优质葡萄酒是建议零售价在12英镑或以上的葡萄酒。风土则是葡萄园及其周边环境给予葡萄酒的特别的个性风味。它是一种来自于种植环境的特殊风味。通过陈述利用风土来助力营销的优缺点、机遇与威胁,这篇文章会分析哪种情况下应该利用风土来给优质葡萄酒做好定位及营销,哪种情况下应该用其它营销点,例如品牌或者生产理念,这视生产商的目标而定。

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2019-09-15 16:43:00

Ageing Potential of Wines: The Mystery Revealed

Some wines can be enjoyed immediately upon release, while others need to be waited for a long time before they can be enjoyed. What makes that certain bottles evolve differently than others? What are the structural elements of the wine that do explain the ageing potential of a wine? Depending on the kind of wine - be it white, red, sparkling or fortified - the answers to the ageing potential of a wine will be different and closely linked to the way the winemaker will vinify.

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2019-04-30 13:49:00

谜团揭晓:葡萄酒的陈年之谜 Ageing Potential of Wines: The Mystery Revealed


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2019-04-30 12:07:00