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Diego Bonnel, 为多家酿酒厂担当葡萄酒顾问,在数个 国家的官方机构任职,超过 25 年。每年品尝数千款酒,特 别了解(以西班牙和葡萄牙为主的)伊比利亚半岛和法国 的葡萄酒。

法国勃艮第酒区:历史最高价的挑战 Resilient Burgundy: Producers & Negociants Adapt and Respond to Ever Increasing Prices


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2018-08-31 12:35:00

Is wine too expensive?

To know if wine is too expensive, clarifying a few issues is a starting point: for who is wine too expensive? And which wines are too expensive? The wine industry is broad and includes many different players (producers, importers, distributors, retailers and end consumers among others). Looking at statistics, it seems that average export prices per country are very reasonable. However, many elements contribute to make wine very expensive (brand name importance, importer/on-trade margins, taxes and customs duties, political changes). But the industry at many levels is making efforts to keep wine affordable for both clients and consumers alike.

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2017-12-26 13:21:00

葡萄酒卖得太贵了吗?——论葡萄酒的定价影响因素 Is wine too expensive?


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2017-12-26 11:13:00

South Africa: a country of endless discovery of fascinating wines

As seen in our previous article, South Africa has a rich and varied winemaking history. This diversity and richness also shows in the wines, as examples from Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, Swartland, Elgin and Constantia confirm. These are the result of committed, dynamic, quality-conscious winemakers and owners who all share the will to make unique wines, with a sense of place expressing the best South Africa has to offer.

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2017-11-12 21:02:00

南非有哪些让人神魂颠倒的美酒? South Africa: a country of endless discovery of fascinating wines

在我原来的文章曾提过,南非是一个富裕又复杂多变的酿酒国。它的多样性和丰富的产品线在酒中展现,比如说已经被证实的Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, Swartland, Elgin 及 Constantia等酒区。这是坚定的、有活力的、质量可造的酿酒师和酒庄庄主决心酿造独特的美酒,表现南非最佳的本土特色带来的结果。

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2017-11-12 20:45:00