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贝琪·苏·爱泼斯旦 是在葡萄酒、烈酒、 美食以及旅游行业里的获奖记者、资深编辑、 广播员和顾问。

Hawke’s Bay – A Place of Elegance on New Zealand’s North Island

I have quite elegant visual as well as flavorful memories of my recent visit to the Hawke’s Bay wine region of New Zealand. The vineyards stretch for miles along the seacoast, and the red Bordeaux-style wines are pleasingly well-made, as are the bold Syrah wines – though this is half a world away from France. The major municipality in Hawke’s Bay is Napier, a beautiful town built in the Art Deco style of architecture; it is a one-hour flight (or 5-1/2 hour drive) south of Auckland.

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新西兰中奥塔哥的黑品乐葡萄酒闻名遐迩,我已早有所知,也品尝过一些,但当真正地第一次置身于中奥塔哥葡萄酒产区时,还是被这突如其来的奇幻之旅震惊了。 我们驱车从皇后镇出发,穿过一片似沙漠般的风景地带。公路两旁满是陡峭的岩石山脉,包裹在灰褐色的单调的风景中。然而,在一条山路之前,眼前景象忽然风格急变,山谷绿野肥沃,田野郁郁葱葱,眼前一片牧场和葡萄园似从天降,一条细长的湖泊点缀其间,一切如诗如画,宛若梦幻。

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2017-09-06 10:38:00

TASTING THROUGH CENTRAL OTAGO, Home of Pinot Noir in New Zealand: A Balance of Old and New, Fruit and Structure

Though I have heard about Central Otago’s famous Pinot Noir wines for years – and sampled some of them – I was completely unprepared for the magical experience of seeing the Central Otago wine region for the first time. We had driven up from Queenstown through a desert-like landscape with steep, rocky mountains on both sides of the highway, surrounded by drab scenery in tans and greys. Then suddenly we went through a mountain pass and a dreamlike green and fertile valley opened up before us, with miles and miles of lush fields, pastures and vineyards surrounding a very large, elongated lake. It was beautiful.

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2017-09-04 17:20:00

Bordeaux Advance: The Stunning 2015 En Primeur -- and What This Means

The wines were also wonderful at many of the other well known chateaux, including Mouton Rothschild, Pichon Baron, Leoville Las Cases, Ducru Beaucaillou -- with slightly more or less fruit and tannin depending on their styles and locations.

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