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When most wine-drinkers think of Piedmont, they think of red wines like Barolo, Barbaresco, Ruché and Barbera d’Asti. However, this region -- specifically the area around the city of Asti -- is the home of wonderful Italian sparkling wines made with the local, aromatic white grape Moscato. In fact, Asti is the first region in Italy to produce commercial sparkling wines, over 150 years ago.

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2019-04-29 17:38:00

欢饮意大利阿斯蒂(Asti)起泡葡萄酒 Cheers! ASTI SPARKLING WINES

当大多数喝酒的人想到皮埃蒙特(Piedmont)时, 他们想到的是巴罗洛(Barolo)、巴巴莱斯科(Barbaresco)、鲁切(Ruche)和阿斯蒂巴贝拉(Barbera d’Asti)等红葡萄酒。然而, 这个地区——特别是阿斯蒂市(Asti)周围地区——是意大利阿斯蒂(Asti)起泡酒的故乡, 由当地的芳香型白葡萄品种莫斯卡托(Moscato,又译麝香)酿制。事实上, 在150多年前, 阿斯蒂是意大利第一个生产商业起泡葡萄酒的地区。

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2019-04-29 15:03:00

Introduction to Roussillon’s historic sweet VDN wines

In a small corner of southwest France, bounded by the Mediterranean Sea, the border of Spain and a small mountain range, there sits a quiet yet mighty winemaking area called Roussillon. Wines have been made here for millennia. Centuries ago, knights from many countries established hilltop castles here, fought battles over land and religion, and departed from these shores for pilgrimages to the Holy Land. For over 500 years, Roussillon has been known for its abundant fortified sweet wines, bursting with concentration and flavor. The wines are made with both red and white grapes, and they are only slightly higher in alcohol than table wines. They are made to last, often as much as 50 years. This wine category is called Vin Doux Naturel in French, which is easily abbreviated to VDN.

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2018-06-05 17:22:00

荣耀回归:法国露喜龙历史性的加强甜葡萄酒 Introduction to Roussillon’s historic sweet VDN wines

法国西南的一个小角落,地中海旁边,西班牙交界的小山区,有一个安静又有势力的酒区叫露喜龙(Roussillon)。酿酒历史上千年,许多世纪前,几个国家的骑士建立了山顶的城堡,为土地和信仰而战,为圣地的朝圣者之旅而离去。 超过500年,露喜龙盛产并以强化甜酒闻名,这种酒香气集中,红、白葡萄均可酿造。它们仅比普通葡萄酒的酒精稍高。它们一旦生产出来,最长有50年陈年潜力。这种强化甜酒的类型法语叫Vin Doux Naturel,简称为VDN。

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2018-06-05 15:47:00

Dinner with a Treasure: How to Pair an Older Vintage Napa Cabernet Sauvignon with California Style Food

A mature red wine from California’s Napa Valley is a modern-day treasure. And when you have an older vintage of a Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, you have a very rare treasure. But more than a treasure, it can be a treat for the senses, when served with the right foods.

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2018-04-08 11:46:00