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迈克尔·卡尔文,葡萄酒酒作家,定居美国加州,为多本葡萄酒杂志撰稿,著有若干葡萄酒专业书籍。Michael Cervin, a wine writer and author based in california, has written for wine magazines and many other pubilcations about wine, beer, spirits and even premium bottled waters. California Wine Country is one of books he has published.

Port Declares 2016 Vintage

In Portugal’s Douro Valley, the home of world class Port, given its complexities of climate and topography vintages are always dissimilar. Therefore when the majority of Port houses declare a Vintage year it is worth taking note. Fine Wine & Liquors Magazine was invited to the 2016 Vintage Port preview tasting in San Francisco with the three main Port houses; Fladgate Partnership, Symington Family Estates and Quinta Do Noval, presenting 10 Ports. For the top Port houses declarations typically occur about three times a decade, every three to four years. However in the last decade nature helped produce four great declared vintages - 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2009 - and the most recent declaration in 2011.

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2018-09-01 17:26:00

2016年份波特酒发布,名庄表现如何? Port Declares 2016 Vintage

葡萄牙杜罗河谷(Douro Valley)是世界级波特酒(Port)的故乡,那里复杂的气候和地貌使得出产的波特酒各不相同。因此,当多数波特酒厂一起发布某个年份波特酒时,这是值得留意的。 《酒典》记者应邀在美国旧金山市(San Francisco)参加2016年份波特酒发布会,三个重要的波特酒集团——Fladgate Partnership、Symington Family Estates和Quinta Do Noval——出席了该活动,共有10个波特酒厂品牌供来宾预先品尝。顶级波特酒厂通常在每个十年举办三次发布会发布三个好年份的波特酒,每三四年一次。然而,上个十年碰到了四个好年份,即2000、2003、2007 和 2009年份,于是发布了四次,最近一次发布会是在2011年。

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2018-09-01 15:34:00

The Golden Bridge: Napa to China

It’s nearly 9,500 kilometers from Beijing to the Napa Valley, the single most prestigious wine region in America. Many American wineries are eager to brand themselves in China, but in spite of over a thousand wineries and more than 400 tasting rooms in the Napa Valley, the region is only beginning to understand they need to draw more Chinese guests to California.

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2018-06-01 17:58:00

金门大桥:美国纳帕谷到中国 The Golden Bridge: Napa to China

从北京到美国最负盛名的单一酒谷纳帕谷差不多有9500公里。许多美国酒厂正热切地把他们的品牌推向中国。尽管纳帕谷有超过一千家酒厂和超过400个品酒室,纳帕谷现在才明白他们需要吸引更多的中国客人来加利弗尼亚州参观。姚明酒庄(Yao Family Wines)、萤火虫庄园(Firefly Vineyards)、Duckhorn酒园、罗伯特•蒙大维酒庄(Robert Mondavi Winery)、Frank家族酒业(Frank Family Wines)、Quixote酒厂、Silenus Vintners……

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2018-05-15 16:31:00

精制干邑白兰地:品质一如,风貌万千 Crafting Cognac: A Spirit with Many Faces

对于大多数人来说,干邑仍然是一个谜。是的,它是白兰地酒、蒸馏酒,像波特和香槟,它同样也是一个地区,具体来说是在法国西部, 波尔多北部,从巴黎往南三小时的火车车程。白兰地在全球许多地方都有生产,但任何标有干邑标签的酒都必须在干邑生产。正如俗话说,所有的干邑都是白兰地,但不是所有的白兰地都是干邑。

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2017-11-13 14:07:00