ITALY: Italian winemakers are ready to conquer the Chinese market and spread their know-out

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“China represents a more and more promising market for Italian wine professionals and wineries.” affirms Federico Giotto, who owns the wine consultancy company “Giotto Earth Listener” in the province of Treviso, in the Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore area. In the last years many European, including Italian enologists, started to contribute to Chinese wineries thanks also to a new instrument which helps the communications: the first Italian/Chinese/English/French/German dictionary of wine terms entitled Putao Niangjiu Zhi Qiao (The Bridge of Enology) written by an Italian enologist, which has become the benchmark for Italian/Chinese translations. Italian winemakers’ knowledge can make the difference in achieving standards of high quality in accordance with a new trend which sees in the wine field a mutual and increasing interest of Europeans and Chinese to collaborate.

According to the National Institute of Statistics of China (CNBS), in 2013, the winemakers of the country have registered a drop in profits of 40% compared to 2012. A trend which seems to be due to some main factors: the producers difficulty of getting standards of high quality, the decrease in the grapes price and the imports growth. As a consequence, some Chinese main producers such as Changyu, Great Wall and Dinasty have started to create joint ventures with European wineries, to import equipments and to collaborate with foreign, including Italian, enologists, winemakers and sommeliers.

Federico Giotto said: “China is a huge country, which have shown an increasing interest in wine in the last years, but it still needs education on wine and winemaking and how to achieve a higher quality. Therefore it represents an important market for Italian wine enologists who are ready to collaborate with Asian companies.”

Federico Giotto, who is gaining popularity all over the world contributing to important foreign award-winning wineries, such as Im Vinaria Purcari and Im Vinaria Bostavan in Moldova and Domeniile Samburesti in Romania, bases its work on the will to interpret the expressions of the territory in order to understand the vine and grapes needs and produce unique, high quality and sustainable wines. “Giotto Earth Listener”, with its two souls “GiottoConsulting” and “GiottoLab”, gathers a team of ten under 40 years old professionals from different fields: agronomists, enologists, biologists, lab technicians and responsibles for marketing.