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fine wine and liquor

Fine Wine and Liquor magazine

                                                ——a bi-monthly fine wine and wine culture magazine in China since 2001 

Wine + Food + Travel, Professional, Interesting, Useful


1. Summary

Hosted by The Literature Promotion Association of Hong Kong Chinese Culture Federation, Fine Wine and Liquor, a bi-monthly professional wine magazine in China, has been published since April 2001. It specializes in transmitting knowledge and the culture of wine and spirits, introducing famous wine enterprises and entrepreneurs, visualizing national and international wine brand images and assisting the wine market to set up rules and regulations. As a bridge between manufacturers, dealers and consumers, the magazine zealously serves wine consumers and practitioners.

Fine Wine & Liquor adopts international 16K quality and glossy edition for each issue and is valued both for reading and collecting because of its fashionable and trend-setting characteristics.

Fine Wine and Liquor magazine specializes in classical wine culture and always introduces famous fine wines,VIPs or nice wine events in the wine world. For example, in first half part of the 2006 issues, there were Château Margaux, Château Cheval Blanc, St. Emillion, PJ Belle Epoque in France; Grant Burge, Penfolds wines in Australia etc. There were some famous wine personalities in the 2006 issues too, e.g. Angelo Gaja from Italy, Francisco Valencia from SHERRY Spain, Cyril Camus from France and Archie Mclaren from U.S.A. etc. There were also some interesting wine events in 2006 magazines, including Wine for Asia in Singapore, Fusion in Spain, CapeWine in South Africa, Malbec grape from Argentina etc.

At the same time, we introduce some famous wines brands in China, for example, Greatwall, Grace, Yunnan Red, etc. We cooperate with some powerful national wineries to help them to set up their brand image and distribution network.

Besides our own editors and reporters, we invites first-class wine writers and reporters to bring us quality and interesting articles, among them some stay in U.S.A., Canada, Australia, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, etc.

2. Readers analysis

Target readers: vintners and final consumers, such as winery owners, distributors, winemakers, managers, white-collar workers, officials etc.

Readers’ content:

1. Wineries: 5%

Those who work in wineries, including presidents, owners, winemakers, marketing managers, salespersons, etc

2. Wine merchants: 45%

Wine distributors for both Chinese wine brands and foreign wine brands

3. Wine lovers: 35%

4. Bars, hotels, restaurants 10%

5. Wine associations or organizations, magazine partners, wine writers: 1%

6. Others: 4%

Readers’ background: Over 80% of readers are managers or white-collars classes, who are the real consumers or wine practitioners. Over 10% subscription is made by companies.

Wide spread reading: Generally every magazine is read by 3 or 4 people.

3. Circulation

Based on Hong Kong and Shenzhen and covering the whole country, Fine Wine and Liquor magazine attracts wide subscriptions from many Chinese wine and spirits lovers and practitioners. Besides subscriptions and presentation copies, Fine Wine and Liquor magazine is circulated through national and international agents, especially cooperating with important Chinese wine manufacturers to distribute to their dealers and consumption sites. Circulation quantity is 45,000 every issue.

Main readers include imported wine importers, distributors and senior wine lovers. Free copies are sent to some 5 star hotels, clubs, wine shops and Hong Kong Airlines etc.

Here are some sites with each an example:

Wine club: COFCO Junding Wine Club, about 20 clubs in Yantai, Guilin , Jinan ..., each club has 8-20 VIP rooms and public area

Hotel: Sofitel Jinjiang Oriental Pudong Shanghai

Restaurant: Raindrop Restaurant (who has about 30 restaurants in Canton)

Bar: Shenzhen Shangshu Bar

Hong Kong Airlines & Dong Hai Corporate Aircraft: Routings and Lounge (since July 2011 issue)

Some circulation methods:

1. Fine Wine and Liquor magazine cooperates with some famous and powerful Chinese wine brands and creates the biggest wine distribution network, which covers the whole of mainland China, including large cities and small towns even in the frontier. The magazines are circulated to those distributors and the terminal consumption places with this helpful network at preferential price.

2. DM methods. The magazine is posted freely to vintners, importers, distributors, organizers, western-style restaurants etc.

3. Subscription. As the partners of some famous wine websites in China, the magazine attracts wine lovers and vintners to take out long-term subscriptions.

4. Wine exhibition. Every year, the magazine selects some wine exhibitions to take part in, where free bonus magazines are delivered and subscription take up is carried out.

5. It is also being circulated by agents and reporters in different cities of China.

4. Main Columns

Viewpoint  giving you new and leading ideas for wine and spirits

world of famous wine          introducing famous wine home and abroad with elegant picture and abbreviated explanation

wine celebrity   telling story about both men of the time in wine circles and celebrity of famous wine enterprise and brand as well as showing their inner world and outstanding personality

strolling at vineyard      using essay and large beautiful picture to narrate national and international vineyard

wine forum         analyzing disputation at wine circles and releasing expert’s comment on this point

wine law and regulation  analyzing the relative news, stories or knowledge

marketing            analyzing national and international market trend as well as standard marketing case in wine history

master of winemaking & tasting     introducing wine-maker & connoisseur master so as to give readers better understanding of national and international wine evaluation standard and so on

wine & fashion                introducing wine knowledge, recommending popular way of drinking and introducing fashionable objects connecting with wine, such as picture, handwriting, drama, music, clothes, car and travel, etc.

life with wine      telling sad, affecting, unforgettable and interesting wine story

wine circles get-together           introducing auction meeting, degusting party, exposition, individual collection of wine

bar, hotel and drinkery         introducing famous or characteristic bar, hotel and nightclub and teaching you how to match food and wine

art of packaging`      introducing wine label, bottle, utensil, plug, opener, anti-counterfeit wine label and packaging equipment of wine

5. What we can do and Cooperation Media of Wine Events

***Organize wine tasting, wine class. 

***Design travel schedule about France, Italy, Spain, Australia and so on and bring guests to visit the wine regions. You can read the reports on:








***Make videos about our travel and the wineries. You can watch them on:

Italy 2015


France 2015 


France 2014


***Cooperation media for many famous wine fairs such as Vinexpo Asia-Pacific and some of them follow:

1. 2001 Nov Zhuhai, Guangdong, the International Wine and Spirits Fair

2. 2002 July Guangzhou, Guangdong, the International Wine and Spirits Fair

3. 2003 July Guangzhou, Guangdong, the International Wine and Spirits Fair

4. 2004 Nov Shanghai, Vinitaly Exhibition

5. 2005 Nov Singapore, Wine for Asia

6. 2006 Nov Shanghai, Vinitaly 2006 China

7. 2007 March Shanghai, 2007 ShanghaiChina International Wine Exposition

8. 2008 May Hong Kong, Vinexpo

9. 2009 May HongKong, Hofex

10. 2010 May Shanghai, Sial

11. 2010 May Hong Kong, Vinexpo

12. 2010 June Beijing, Topwine China

13. 2010 Sep Yantai, Shandong, The Fourth Yantai International Wine Festival

14. 2010 May Shanghai, Sial

15. 2011 May Shanghai, Sial,

16. 2011 May Hong Kong, Hofex

17. 2011 May Beijing, Topwine China

18. 2011 July Shenzhen, Guangdong, IBEC

19. 2011 Sep, Hong Kong, Restaurant & Bar

20. 2011 Nov, Guangzhou, Guangdong, Interwine

21. 2012 May Shanghai, Sial

22. 2012 May Hong Kong, Vinexpo

23. 2012 June Yantai, Shandong, International Wine Expo.

24. 2012 Nov. Guangzhou, Guangdong, International Food & Beverage Trade Fair

25. 2012. Nov. Guangzhou,Guangdong, Interwine

26. 2013 May Shanghai, Sial

27. 2013 May HongKong, Hofex

28. 2013 May Guangzhou, Guangdong, Interwine

29. 2013 May Bordeaux, Les Citadelles du Vin

30. 2013 May Carcassone, Oenovideo International Grape & Wine Film Festival

31. 2013 July Yantai, Shandong, International Wine Expo

32. 2013 July Hangzhou, Zhejiang, Hangzhou International Wine & Famous Wine Expo.

33. 2013 Aug Shenzhen, Guangdong, International Beverage Expo. & Competition

34. 2013 Sep Xiamen, Fujiang, Xiamen International Wine & Spirits Fair

35. 2013 Nov Guangzhou, Guangdong, Interwine

36. 2013 Nov Shanghai, Prowine China & FHC

37. 2014 May Shanghai, Sial

38. 2014 May Hong Kong, Vinexpo

39. 2014 Nov Guangzhou, Guangdong, Interwine

40. 2015 May Shanghai, Sial

41. 2015 May HongKong, Hofex

42. 2015 Oct Shanghai, Prowine China

43. 2015 Nov Guangzhou, Guangdong, Interwine

44. 2016 Feb France, Vinisud

45. 2016 May HongKong, Vinexpo

46. 2016 Nov HongKong, HK Wine and Spirit Fair

47. 2016 Nov Guangzhou, Guangdong, Interwine

48. 2017 May HongKong, Prowine Asia

49. 2017 May Shanghai, Sial

50. 2017 Nov HongKong, HK Wine and Spirit Fair


Generally speaking, Fine Wine and Liquor magazine helps those wine fairs to release their advertisement. Sometimes the magazine helps them to find the right exhibitors and organize a team of visitors to go to their wine fairs. In return, Fine Wine and Liquor magazine always has a booth in the wine fair as well as an advertisement of their exhibitors’ manual.

7.Contact way


Fax: 0086-755-82113776     

Email: info@winemagcn.com   

Web: www.winemagcn.com

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