来源: Unione Italiana Vini



Ernesto Abbona: “I assume the duty and continue UIV’s path of innovation”

Antonio Rallo: “I leave Unione Italiana Vini to a secure leader who will further develop the association”

Milan – Ernesto Abbona is the new Chairman of Unione Italiana Vini, unanimously elected on 24th July in Milan by the National Board, the statutory body in charge of the Chairman election. Ernesto Abbona, previously Vice-Chairman, and dedicated to UIV for many years, will serve for the next two years. Lamberto Frescobaldi was appointed as new Vice-Chairman.

“I accept this role with great responsibility and sense of duty” said Ernesto Abbona, Chairman of Unione Italiana Vini, taking over for Antonio Rallo who, during his chairmanship, has undertaken the process of restructuring and strengthening the Unione Italiana Vini and all of its operating stuctures, with significant results. “I thank all Board members for the confidence they have given me. My intention is to continue with this innovative perspective, which was initiated at first by Domenico Zonin and carried out by Antonio, knowing that I can rely on the support of a cohesive Board capable of teaming up in any situation, confirming Unione Italiana Vini as the primary institutional point of reference for the wine sector at the national level”.

“There are several urgent issues to which I will prioritize my commitment: the National Support Program and in particular, the measure for “promotion of third-country markets,” the revision of the scheme of authorisations for vine plantings, labelling of wines and implementing decrees of the National Law on production and marketing of wine products,” continued Ernesto Abbona. “They are cornerstones of the Italian and European winemaking strategy upon which we want to invest our political weight in an even more resolute manner in order to foster a frank debate between the sector and the institutions capable of providing practical answers to the requests of our companies.” The long and valuable experience which he gained in the association will enable him to lead the path of innovation which we shared.”

“Ernesto Abbona represents the right choice as Chairman of Unione Italiana Vini – declared Antonio Rallo; this year we worked together closely and I was able to appreciate his skills and dedication to work. The long and valuable experience gained in the association will enable him to guide the path of innovation we have shared.”

“His entrepreneurial skills, his profile as an exceptional person, and his precious experience within the association – concludes Lamberto Frescobaldi, UIV Vice-chairman – make Ernesto Abbona the natural successor to the Chairmanship of Unione Italiana Vini. The National Board Team and the Board of Directors were united in identifying a path of succession, developed for some time, which allows us to ensure the continuity of UIV’s political action. Finally, I would like to thank the Board for having elected me to the position of Vice-chairman. The idea of working in close co-operation with Ernesto in order to continue the path of the national viticulture and wine-making sector is stimulating and rewarding for me. I enthusiastically welcome this commitment by dedicating my time and experience to the association”.