PORTUGAL: Vatican holds the world's Highest per-capita wine consumption

       来源: Wine&Partners

Some 250 million hectolitres of wine are consumed each year worldwide. That adds up to approximately 150 billion glasses poured per year. Two thirds of this wine is currently grown in Europe, although it should be noted that China is now enjoying dynamic growth of its area under vines
(source: Organisation International de la Vigne et du Vin).

Wine as economy

With 54,26 litres per person/year, Vatican is the nation with the highest per capita consumption in the world (source: California Wine Institute). This is an fascinating piece of statistical information that would make a perfect question on a wine quiz, but at the same time there is great significance behind the figure: wine is an integral feature of Christianity and thus figures as a cultural factor spanning a vast demographic.

Wine is also a significant economic factor, providing jobs for millions of people around the world. It is a commodity with a wide price range; it serves as a calling card & advertisement trophy for nations and is responsible worldwide for a considerable percentage of revenues in the restaurant and hospitality industry.

In many rural areas, winegrowers are among the most dynamic and innovative entrepreneurs. In the wine growing regions wine works as a catalyst for numerous downstream businesses; restaurants, hotels, museums and cultural institutions – even for the transportation sector. And last but not least, many publishing houses make their living from the fact that there is a new vintage to be evaluated and rated every year.

Complexity from soil to glass

The significance of wine for the national economy of many countries cannot be underestimated. The complexity of the wine sector is almost unbelievable – there are so many business decisions that have to be made between the earth and the wine that is being poured at the glass; there is hardly any other type of creation that can be considered as dramatic. And at the same time, wine is a very emotional matter for many individuals.

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