Vinexpo 2015 will take place on June 14th-18th in Bordeaux France

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Vinexpo 2015 will take place on June 14th-18th in Bordeaux France.


Vinexpo, a world famous wine and spirit fair, was founded in 1981 by the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The Vinexpo exhibition has grown over the years to become the largest gathering for wine and spirits professionals from all over the world.

Vinexpo is held in Bordeaux in uneven years and with 17 exhibitions it has developed into the world’s leading show for wine and spirits professionals as demonstrated by the increase in its attendance figures.


1981: 524 exhibitors, including 96 from outside of France from 21 countries and 11,000 professional visitors from 50 countries.

2013: 2,400 exhibitors from 44 countries and 48,858 visitors from 148 countries as well as 1,290 journalists.


Vinexpo has been a success because it showcases products from all round the world, the buyers who attend are exclusively professional from all continents and it is a venue to debate and exchange ideas in the very middle of the most reputed winegrowing area on the planet.


Since 1989 beyond the actual exhibition, Vinexpo has become a partner with whom wine and spirits professionals can reflect on trends to anticipate new markets.
Vinexpo also commissions studies on industry-specific issues and presents the findings in conferences round the world before each exhibition. Since 1999, it has produced a world market study with a 5-year outlook, as well as reports on young people and wine, the segment of female consumers and the “imaginary world of wine”, etc.

Responsible, balanced consumption of wine and spirits is another subject which the management of Vinexpo is particularly attached to. Between 1993 and 2009, Vinexpo served as venue for the event “Savoir Boire, Savoir Vivre” organised by professional committees and organisations in order to debate on the relationship between alcohol and health.


Over the years, Vinexpo has also set up facilities and introduced innovations in order to reinforce and extend its position as a leading benchmark:


Vinexpo has also developed its presence throughout the world, launching Vinexpo Asia-Pacific in 1998 in Asia and Vinexpo Americas in 2002 in North America.


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