【Enterprise Special Journal】《酒典》与挖酒网合作《2018万象更新挖酒网特刊》Fine Wine and Liquor Designs and Publishs Enterprise Special Journal for Wajiu Wine Company

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Wajiu (www.wajiu.com) becomes the first wine importer whose import volume exceeded 10 million liters in 2017. In March 2018, Fine Wine and Liquor successfully helps WaJiu design and publish their enterprise special journal.

During China Food & Drinks Fair, the largest, oldest, most famous food and drink fair in China, Wajiu distributed the enterpise special journal to more than 1000 distributors, and the rest copies are sending to their other distributors all around China.    (What is China Food & Drinks Fair? Please visit www.winemagcn.com/cfdf-prowein-choice.html )


Fine Wine and Liquor could cooperate with wine companies / wine brands /wineries / wine regions to design and publish their own special journals, which focus on China market and could help them build their brand images, expand their markets and maintain their relationship with importers / consumers / final consumers in China.







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