FRANCE:Le French GourMay 2015:To Savour Midi-Pyrénées Wine and Gastronom

The festival will kick off with an opening party co-hosted by French May and French GourMay at PMQ(1-3 May). The three-day event will bring together French arts and culture as well as French and Midi-Pyrénées fine food and wines. Besides the opening party at PMQ, there will be a two-day French Traditional Market at Stanley Plaza on 16 and 17 May, along with a French Wine and Food Walk at Alfresco Lane (Tsim Sha Tsui Centre and Empire Centre) on 9 May.

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2015-03-23 17:41:00


After the participation at the Gambero Rosso’s Italian Wines Tour in the Scandinavian countries, Assovini will be present at Prowein in Düsseldorf and in April will organize Sicilia en Primeur.

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2015-03-13 16:10:00


Avid wine collectors and enthusiasts can create their own Barossa wine collection, direct from Barossa winemakers’ cellars, by bidding in the Barossa Wine Chapters Auction in April, 2015. For the first time in the auction’s 50 year history, prospective buyers can bid online from Thursday 2 April to Friday 17 April, meaning they can take part in the auction from anywhere in Australia and around the world.

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2015-03-05 13:10:00

MALTA: Group of wineries property of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta will be in VinItaly and Prowein

Group of wineries property of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta will be in VinItaly and Prowein

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2015-03-03 18:27:00

ITALY: Collio Award dedicated to "Sigismondo Douglas Attems of Petzenstein" XII Edition

The journalists who have written an article on paper, radio, TV or web on viticulture, oenology, and the enhancement of the territory of the Collio can participate in the Collio Prize 2015, sending their articles by April 30 2015 to the Consortium for the Protection of Wines from Collio. ( The candidacies which will arrive after the deadline can compete for the 2016 edition. Regarding its journalistic section, the Prize will feature this year two different contests, one for the Italian press and the other one for the foreign press. The prize for both sections amounts to 1.000 euros.

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2015-03-03 17:46:00