ITALY: Italian winemakers are ready to conquer the Chinese market and spread their know-out

In the last years many European, including Italian enologists, started to contribute to Chinese wineries thanks also to a new instrument which helps the communications.Italian winemakers’ knowledge can make the difference in achieving standards of high quality in accordance with a new trend which sees in the wine field a mutual and increasing interest of Europeans and Chinese to collaborate.

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2015-02-04 16:26:00

9 Websites That Provide 'Haitao' Service in China

Buying overseas goods online, or “haitao”, has become increasingly common as cross-border e-commerce booms in China. China’s Ministry of Commerce forecast that China’s cross-border trade by e-commerce companies will be work 6.5 trillion yuan in 2016. Here are 9 websites which provide “haitao” services to Chinese people.

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2015-01-13 16:34:00

Chinese Liquor Producers Making a Comeback

Subdued by the government's anti-corruption campaign, the once high-flying distillers are set to rise again. And their prospects have been noticed by stock analysts.

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2015-01-12 23:02:00

Spring in the Air for Food Imports-Fancy Imported Products Such as Wine Will See Robust Sales

Amazon China, which started its promotion for the nianhuo selections on Wednesday, said that Chinese usually start shopping four weeks before the Spring Festival. "The shopping during the first two weeks tends to focus on buying food and new garments for the family. Later, it would move on to gifts, such as healthcare products and wine, for relatives they plan to visit during the holidays," the company said in an e-mail reply to China Daily on Thursday.

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2015-01-12 22:23:00