CHINA: Cork is Big Winner in 2018 Concours Mondial de Bruxelles in Beijing

The 2018 Concours Mondial de Bruxelles (CMB), the world’s only touring wine competition which is dubbed as “The United Nations of Fine Wines”, has just concluded in Beijing of China. During the three-day period (May 11 – 13, 2018), the CMB’s panel of judges was having a busy task to taste 9,000+ wines for selecting the award winners of various categories. The crown of laurel for the “closure” category that all the wines participated was won by a widely expected closure type – cork stopper.

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2018-05-15 15:03:00

AUSTRIA: Rosalia, a Grosslage becomes a DAC-region

The former Grosslage (large collective vineyard site) ‘Rosalia’, located south of the Leitha Range in Burgenland, is set to become Austria’s next DAC winegrowing region.

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2018-04-20 23:16:00

CHINA: The Fool Day: From the Rumor of Starbucks' ProPosition Coffee to the Chinese Tea Tasters, Wine Drinkers and Coffee Addicts

Actually China is still a big country of tea tasters. However, Chinese are very open to the new things, so more and more Chinese drink coffee and wine.

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2018-04-02 12:19:00

ITALY: The Chianti Rural District, born just two years ago, has been officially recognized by the Region of Tuscany

The Chianti Rural District got the green light from the Region of Tuscany with a decree signed off last 15th January. The aim of this body, established in November 2017, is to work all together in order to attract investments and promote the quality of this area

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2018-03-15 16:30:00

ITALY: Chianti Classico 2017 Confirms the Historical Markets, USA and Italy are Growing

2017 closes with great news on the Gallo Nero markets: in fact, for the third consecutive year sales registered more than 37 million bottles of Chianti Classico all over the world. This is an historical milestone for an appellation that boasts a growth of marketed product that in these last eight years – since 2009, the world crisis darkest year – has reached nearly 50%.

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2018-03-15 16:19:00